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1.   Introductionx

·      Talk and Question and Answer session by Blood Sucking Freaks director Joel M. Reed

·      Introduction to his method of making it in films. Essentially how he started in the business.

·      Course materials and assignments.

·      Initial video assignment


·      Student Short Self Introductions  

·      Division of the Class into Teams
which will begin production on a movie.

·      Students Assignments
which will require them to immediately proceed with one aspect of low budget film production: legal, fund raising (virtual), location hunting, and casting.

·      Student Aggressiveness training (with assignment)
which includes confrontation and regression training.

·      Student goals (written assignment)

·      Student Writing Assignments

·      Student Classifications (producer, writer, director.)

·      Joel Reed will seed the venture with two stories

·      Video assignment


·      Selection of Stories (Scripts) to pursue

·      Assignment Budget/accounting

·      Assignment Locations

·      Assignment Crews

·      Assignment Castings

·      Assignment fund raisers

·      Become a hard charger with the Reed method.   Past life exercises.

·      Video Assignment

4.   Evaluation and Introduction

·      Development of student pitches to media, companies, and individuals.

·      Introduction to film capitalization.

·      Analyzing casting, locations, and crews.

·      Presenting of past lives.

·      Assignment of reincarnations.

·      Directorial Assignments

5.   We’re not in Kansas Anymore

·      Presentation of reincarnations

·      Actual, immediate pre-production
including finalization of budgets, locations, etc.

·      Role playing – presenting pitches

·      Role playing - the telephone.

·      Video Assignment – selected projects

·      Selection of preproduction media

6.   Actual production and –

·      Real world scenarios
in which we will sell our project to the establishment and investors.

·      Review of finished films

·      Review of directorial assignments

·      Review of finished material

7.   Actual Production and –

·      Review of real world scenarios.

·      Creative socializing – the hidden pitch

·      Putting it all down on paper

8.   Principal photography

·      Intense workshop

·      Introduction to the art of the camera.

·      Introduction to  the art of acting

9.   Review

·      What each participant in a film really does

·      Self assessment

·      Scenarios for those looking for a job and its parameters.

10.       Wrap

·      Presentation of awards

·      Final Lecture by Joel M. Reed

·      Diplomas

·      Party




Digital Camera (still/video)

Cell Phone




Introductory lesson: Free

Ten intensive weeks: $450.00