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Internationally known, cult film director Joel M. Reed reveals the two secrets that will help you make your first low budget movie.  One – he’ll help you pump up your personality.

The second was revealed to him by old time Hollywood director George Sherman who has over 126 major feature films to his credit.  He said to Reed.

 “The first thing you have to do is make a movie.  Any movie!”


In other words:


Start preproduction and they will come!

Joel’s first movie Career Bed was shot for under $10,000.00 and his participation in it was more by accident than design.  He met with Director Joe Sarno who suggested that he write a low budget, soft core black and white feature.  Joel thought Joe would put up the money but Sarno told Joel to raise the $10,000.00 needed himself.  Joel made one phone call to a lawyer friend and was promised the cash.  Sarno then told Joel to start putting the movie together.   Joel, without much experience, outside of off-Broadway, obtained locations, checked out equipment rentals, labs, and put together a crew and actors.   People began to perk up their ears and he actually connected with a group of would be filmmakers, some now famous, because he was the one guy in town who was actually making a movie.

Joel called the lawyer who originally promised the money and said, “Can I have the check?”

“For what?” asked the lawyer.

“The movie”

“I wasn’t serious.”

Joel slammed down the telephone.  On the same day he got calls from three people asking about the movie and asking if he needed the financing.  Another lawyer walked into his office with his check after the weekend.


If you got an itch scratch it.


When it came time to shoot the movie Joe Sarno wasn’t available forcing Joel to take a quick course in directing by reading The Technique of Film Editing  by Karl Reisz and The Five C's of Cinematography by Joseph V. Mascelli.


But that’s another story.