Writer - Producer - Director-Founder

Joel M. Reed is best known for his outrageously macabre, full length, low budget feature BLOOD SUCKING FREAKS which has received both critical acclaim as well as arousing indignant outrage in international release, it is now considered a film and video cassette classic.  Mr. Reed was honored at the 1998 San Jose Film Festival along with Barry Sonnerfeld and John Schlesinger.   IN 2001 he was given a day at Los Angeles Cult Film Festival at the Palace Theater. A biography about him is being written by a Michigan film Professor and will be published in England shortly. Among many of his other motion picture productions have been Dragon Lady, which was described by Variety as classic film noire.  His play "Barry Mose's Bar Mitzvah" was produced in Los Angles.  Two new films of his are in pre-production.  Subversive Video has just reissued a DVD of  his film Bloodbath.

He has been active on and Off-Broadway, both as a producer and playwright, and has produced live and filmed industrial presentations for many major corporations.  As an author, his most recent non-fiction book, TRUMPH, THE MAN AND THE MYTH, was published in 1990.   A genre novel of his, The Shanghai Jew, will be reprinted and on sale in September.

Known for his humor, he has contributed short stories and articles to many publications and maintains a high profile on the World Wide Web.  He is currently writing a book about his adventures in cult films and preparing a new script of his for production involving the cult film milieu and its many disturbed fans and hangers-on. A native New Yorker he is a devoted fly fisherman and has written extensively on that sport.



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