The entire universe had been at peace for two thousand years. The last nuclear war, the 3rd, ended in Fromberg (year) 4230 which sharply curtailed the power of the Humanoids, who, up till then were the dominant species in all the solar systems. However, in Fromberg 4256, a mysterious group called The Auditors seized power and the Universal Parliament was dissolved. After the unrest of Fromberg 4350, the migration of the plants, and the abandonment of earth in Fromberg 4368, The Auditors finally recognized that the Humanoid's tendency toward overpopulation caused war, famine, and political unrest. All other creatures had advanced genetic structures that limited their populations to the available food supply.

On the 3rd Cohen (day) of Sam Fromberg 4360, the Auditors issued an edict that all humanoid procreation would be done on a supply and demand basis by computers.

They put the BOYS on one side of the universe

and the GIRLS on the other.

Three seniors at Mermac All Girls High School, Roxy, Bijou, and Thalia, go on a class pinic to a nearby asteroid where they discover a space junk yard filled with relics of past civilizations in which they find an ancient book with a picture of a nude man.

Thalia says, "What is that strang creature?"

Bijou says,  "They look somewhat like ourselves."

Roxy asks, "What's that thing for?"

The girls return to the dorm that night but can't get the picture out of their mind. They don't know what to make of the instructions it contains but a strange, new feeling arises in their bodies. When the Auditors discover they have forbidden material in their possession- they panic and return to the asteroid where they find an old van and converted into a space vehicle. They equip it with the only command computer they can find in the junk yard. Unawares --

Its a DOM (Dirty Old Machine).  It's circuits totally corrupted by logging onto to too many X-rated sites!

The demented computer, with an agenda of its own, leads them on a wild goose chase through the universe where they meet many strange and exotic beings but none like the creature in the book.

The finally force it to take them to earth where they are taken prisoner by the Hippatians. who subsist on rats and alien visitors. They are thrown into a dungeon where they meet another school girl who comes from a rebel colony consisting of 12 high school girls and 127 good looking college boys. If the secrets in the book are passed along to them: humans can once again procreate and the good old days will return.

The girls trick the Hippatians into letting them go, and, after a vicious battle with the Auditors, a near disaster in the Valley of the Sols, and destruction at the hands of the Consumeri. They reach the shores of the Black Pacific. Boys are only a day's march away.