Roles Description Actor


Announcer VO Male  
Anal Davis (Monsignor) Senior Citizen -- Looks like the Pope.  
Roscoe Reese (Young)  Flower Child who had a brief shining moment in Hollywood.
Roscoe Reese (old) A puffy faced wreck of a man.  
Ron Jeremy    
Jamie Gillis    
Donald Rupert High powered real estate maven.  
His daughter Lori at age 4.  
His daughter Lori Grown up  
The  Malamuds Middle eastern .  The rock group Omar Kayam.  
Leslie Lovemark A weight challenged publicity girl.  
Tommy Internet billionaire  
Melinda His movie star sister  
Tommy as a child  
Melinda as a child  
Hector LaVenue A film editor who worked one day for Spielberg  
John Ford LaVenue His son who is going to take over Hollywood  
Armand Wakefield A film school drop out turned terrorist.  Nobody will screen his feature.  
Bonnie Carter She slept with the two hundred and twenty six of the most important producers in Hollywood.  Still waiting for her first job, she seeks revenge.  
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