Only one obstacle stands in the way of UNITED STATES SENATOR UPTON TIGHT’S quest for the Presidency of the United States, his teenage daughter NEVERLEIGH.  Although as cute as a button, she is the most obnoxious brat ever to grace the annals of world literature with a propensity for 4 letter words that would cause a merchant seaman to blush.

In desperation, the good Senator enrolls her in the Cherry Blossom Academy, run by Professor Sardu and his assistant Lineaus.   Sardu, a rather prissy scholar in contrast to his older brother, is known through out the world by the progressive methods he developed (in conjunction with the Cornell School of Education) to transform rich little brats into sweet, obedient, and almost perfectly behaved young ladies through the use of advanced computer technology and the tradi­tional system of punishment and reward. (These punishments, in the tradition of classical schoolgirl discipline erotica, are deli­ciously campy in nature but humorous enough not to be totally offensive.) None of the gorgeous, young stu­dents at the Academy are unduly stressed and their purity is not trifled with in any way -- that is, until Neverleigh appears on the scene.

The little, pig tailed, freckled face waif is in fact so kinky that she thinks that her father has finally found the perfect school for her and the audience learns that she has a heart of golf concealed hidden beneath her blue blazer, gray skirt, white midi-blouse, and custom made, leather underwear.  Sardu and Lineaus are driven up the wall by her antics.  If they don’t tame her by the time the election rolls around, the Senator will have their heads, or, even worse, leave her at the academy until he finishes two full terms as President of the United States.  Eight years of living hell!
Nothing they do can get her to clean up her act, but in what seems like their darkest hour, Neverleigh runs away.  As they celebrate their good fortune, we learn that she has only gone as far as the PEMBROOKE ACADEMY, a prep school down the road run by DOMINATRIX who specializes in educating difficult young men who have been expelled from “every place else.”

Spying on some of Dominatrix’s students swimming in the nude, Neverleigh awakens to the fact that there has been one thing missing from her life all along.  A boyfriend!  She waylays one of the Pembrooke boys, and, in a moment of revelation, discovers what the birds and the bees are all about.  She returns to the Cheery Blossom Academy that night, frees the students, and then stages a raid on the boys’ dormitory.
Dominatrix, Sardu, and Lineaus are at their wit’s end.  The loss of their students means financial ruin.  As they try to figure out their next move, they hear music emanating from the school’s gymnasium, and, following the sound to its source, discover the kids from both schools having an innocuous, 1950ties style sock hop complete with soft drinks.  Senator Tight stumbles upon the scene to discover Neverleigh transformed into a model of good manners and lady like deportment.

She sews up the election for her father when she ap­pears along side of him during his fireside chat to the nation and manages to speak for two whole minutes without cursing once.  When he is awarded the highest executive position in land by 99% per­cent of the electorate, Sardu is given the post of Secretary of Health Welfare and Education and Dominatrix the position of Secretary of State. Our new first family is installed in the White House.  Neverleigh has the run of the country because her father is always “tied-up,” usually by Dominatrix. *