About us

    will combine the old and new to position itself as a major player in the E-media, theater, TV, and movie game. Show Business today is a cacophony of unrelated voices, some off-key, some dumber than a doughnut, and most from another planet.  To beat the odds you have to realize that Williamsburg anymore.   A few very experienced old guys working on the premise that nothing has really changed on the avenue and a bunch of hard driving youngster who still find magic in the art of the deal and don't remember when apartments in the East Village were twelve and a half dollars a month.

   All of our product  will cut across focus groups from Teenage Grunge to retired Baby Boomers.  It was they who Rock and Rolled in the Sixties.  Our current live, stage presentation Murder at the Movies ties in closely with our new slate off-beat moderately budgeted films.  Its mirror presentation for kids at matinee performance ropes in a whole new audience and, as with the evening version, is roomy enough to for commercials tie-up and promotions.  Both shows will allow direct access to theaters for our product. Our series in  development allow showcasing on the Web.  "No Expectations" will preview a world filled with sorry characters so pathetic that those who don't lord over them may find mirror images of themselves..  The company's web/TV series, the Grunge Theater, will go where no man has dared tread,

is a New York State entity in formation stage.  Its offices and physical presence are in other dimensions.